Cost Plus World Market

Project Overview

Cost Plus World Market approached us looking for a better way to display their health and personal care merchandise. The fixtures needed to be movable, able to accommodate SKUs in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and have ample space to store overstock products.

Project Goals

A place for everything in a space that does it all

Our client needed a better way to merchandize products of various SKUs and store additional inventory while maintaining an aesthetic that would match the brand ID of the product lines. The fixtures needed to be easily transportable, customizable, and with minimal assembly required by store associates.

The final result

After the initial consultation, we worked with our client’s merch team to create a segmented shelving fixture with hinge attachments, hidden built-in storage compartments, and wheels for ease of movability. The design also sported powder coating and updatable magnetic graphics. The units were shipped as cohesive pieces with no need for assembly or tools, and could be effortlessly disconnected and rearranged within stores. Within four weeks of initial contact, we achieved a successful rollout to 30 stores, with a 300% increase in sales at those locations.

More case studies:

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